So what makes NuBotanik Body Scrubs different and special?

Coffeeberry® Brand whole coffee fruit

First things first, let’s find out the difference between Coffeeberry® Brand whole coffee fruit and regular coffee bean that is widely used in other scrubs. The all natural Coffeeberry® Brand is the whole fruit that contains the husk, pulp and the coffee bean. Usually, only the bean is collected and the rest is discarded. However, the coffee fruit as a whole contains much higher levels of many beneficial compounds for our skin than just coffee beans. In fact, certain compounds are not even found in coffee beans alone. Whole coffee fruit is high in polyphenols and phenolic acids such as chlorogenic acid, proanthocyanidins, quinic and ferulic acid. These compounds are strong antioxidants that support healthy looking skin and help protect from harmful free radicals that may cause skin damage and aging. In the Coffeeberry® Brand whole coffee fruitthese natural plant antioxidants have a higher antioxidant activity than other heavyweights like blueberries, green tea, and pomegranates. 

When applied to skin, whole coffee fruit helps to soak up damaging free radicals and may act as a strong topical anti-inflammatory. Fighting free radicals helps to minimize damage to the collagen, helps to prevent appearance of new wrinkles and other skin damage from developing. 

Almond Oil

This terrific oil helps to minimize the formation of stretch marks by keeping the skin supple and flexible. Almond oil is also beneficial in delaying skin cell aging. Contains natural anti-inflammatory properties. Perfect for dehydrated skin.  

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is another strong antioxidant. Treats wrinkles by supporting new skin cells. Provides moisture and boosts collagen production. Contains properties that promote healing and helps with preventing premature aging.

Jojoba Oil

Helps to reduce skin inflammation and calms the skin. Strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Jojoba also softens and replenishes moisture. It is helpful for chapped skin and eczema. 

Orange Oil

Contains anti- inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Considered a natural cleanser and helps to heal the skin. Inhibits microbial growth. Directly targets stretch marks, eczema and other skin imperfections. Loaded with vitamins, helps stimulate cell repair for smoother and firmer skin. 

Brown Sugar

A natural exfoliate and great for sensitive skin. Contains glycolic acid that helps keep skin radiant and healthy. Brown sugar is strong enough to scrub away dead skin cells and dry skin. Helps to promote younger, healthier and glowing looking skin. It is also hydrating and conditioning to help keep the moisture locked in and nourished.